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Our First Accessible Road Trip

Due to the 2020 pandemic, Laura and I hadn’t left our neighborhood in months except for doctor appointments. But then we hatched a plan. We were going to leave the city limits entirely (gulp!) with our brand new portable toilet and our brand new wheelchair-accessible minivan. We were going to boldly drive up into the mountains and have a romantic picnic. Just the two of us. And our untested porta potty and our untested Honda Odyssey minivan. What, oh what, could possibly go wrong on this three-hour tour? Picture Gilligan's Island meets the Griswolds. Oh boy...    6 min read
Traveling during a pandemicRoad trips when you have a disability are complicated. Road trips during a pandemic when you have a disability are far, far, far more complicated. They require strategizing. Specialized gear. And a sense of adventure, one that is clearly distinguishable from sheer terror. In my case, that last one required a bit of work since for months seemingly every Covid-19 story I read mentioned t…

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