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Keeping Your Resolutions

For most people, New Year’s resolutions go the way of the fleeting fame of one-hit wonders, like Mambo No. 5 and that breakup song from Gotye with that cool video . Resolutions start out with the best of intentions and then after a few weeks they crumble into fine dust and skitter away in chilly late January winds. There has to be a better way. For people with multiple sclerosis, there is....    3 min read Bold resolutions and Cheetos Kicking off a new year goes hand-in-hand with resolutions, bold resolutions, and resolutions so bold they make Kennedy's moonshot proclamation  sound downright quaint. And therein lies the problem, especially if you have a chronic disease that requires more attention. Saying you are going to lose 10 lbs a month, quit smoking, go vegan, exercise two hours a day, and give up Cheetos of all kinds ( Crunchy, Puffs, Flamin' Hot Crunchy, Flamin' Hot Puffs, Flamin' Hot Limon Crunchy, XXTRA Flamin' Hot Crunchy, Reduced Fat Flamin' Hot Pu

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